A question ? You will find below all the answers to the most frequent queries.

If you did not find the required information or need further information about administrative procedures, we are at your disposal:

  • By phone at 0825 881 768 or +33 (0)4 67 27 16 10
  • By mail  125, rue Gilles Martinet - CS 40066 - 34075 Montpellier Cedex 3
  • By email with our contact form

We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

If you are already a Suiter please do not hesitate to contact your property manager. You can find the contact on the following page: My account.


01. Do you have to be a student to live in a Suitétudes property?

Most of our customers are students, but all requests are considered.

02. Is it possible to visit the property before sending my application?

You can visit the property at anytime with an appointment, or without any appointment during "Open Days" organized for this purpose. Find the “open days” dates here.

03. Where can I see the property facilities?

The property facilities are listed on the presentation page of the concerned residence. You will find a whole range of included services (Internet, office...) and some extras (Laundry, parking, linen and towels...).

04. Which internet service do you offer?

Every Suitétudes property (except Arc en Ciel and Les Moulins) are equipped with internet either in Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable.

We work on the quality of this service and it is our pleasure to offer it for free to our Suit'ers.

05. In the Suitétudes properties, is it possible to share an apartment?

Sharing an apartment is allowed in the Suitétudes properties (depending on the size of the flat).

06. What is a Suit'er?

Welcome to Suitétudes! Our customers are called Suit'ers.

07. What kind of equipment can I find in a Suitétudes accommodation?

Every Suitétudes apartment is equipped and furnished:

  • A fully equipped kitchenette with furniture, fridge, electric or ceramic hob and sink
  • A bathroom with shower (or bath), cabinet with sink and mirror, toilet and towel dryer (depending on the property)
  • A sleeping area (with or without bedroom depending on the type of apartment) with a bed (different size according to the type and property), table and chairs, a desk, cabinets / shelves / cupboards with hanging rails, a bedside table.

08. Are the linens, towels and crockery provided in the accommodation?

Every apartment is equipped with crockery, but linen and towels are Suit'ers responsibility. However, Suitétudes offers linen rental (with at least 2 pillowcases and 2 flat sheets), and towels rental.

09. Do I have the right to remove or move the furniture in my apartment?

Suitétudes accommodation is rented furnished. The Suit'ers are not allowed to remove the furniture from the apartment. However, they are free to move furniture in their apartment as they please. At the departure, everything will have to be placed as it was at the arrival.

10. How can I know if the apartment I am interested in is available?

To check if a Suitétudes accommodation is available, please go to the page of the concerned property and select the tab "Find an available accommodation".

11. Where can I find the rate for Suitétudes accommodation?

You will find the monthly rent in the tab "available accommodation" of every property description page. There is also the amount of the administration fee and the deposit.

12. What does the monthly rent include?

Monthly rent includes :

  • Accommodation
  • Cold-water consumption
  • Internet connection
  • Access to the property facilities (fitness room, sauna…)
  • The lending of appliances (vacuum cleaner, iron, « raclette », stove…)
  • Common room usage (upon reservation).

13. What is the "deposit"?

The deposit is a bit less than a monthly’s rent and could be given back in total at moving out (within a legal delay of one month after the departure) if no damage has been noticed.

14. Why should the Suit'er pay administration fees?

The administration fees include the visit of the apartment and all the administrative actions (file, edition of the lease, and entry inventory status report. There are paid only once when the lease is signed. 

15. Is it possible to move in a Suitétudes property during the year?

The Suitétudes properties are open all year and the Suit’er can move in at any time (conditions apply according to the property and is subject to availability).

16. What are the arrival and departure status report and what are they for?

The status report is a document drawn between the Suit'er and Suitétudes. It is filled when the Suit'er arrives and when he leaves. Edited in multiple copies and given to each party, it must be kept for the entire duration of the lease. The arrival status report with a new Suit'er is established on the day of arrival, and not necessarily the day he signs the contract. At the arrival, the status report indicates the condition of the accommodation delivered to the Suit'er.

At departure when the Suit’er gives back the keys to Suitétudes the departure status report indicates in detail the condition of the accommodation at the end of the lease. The departure status report will allow the Suit'er to show to Suitétudes that he took good care of the accommodation throughout the lease.

17. What is the procedure to leave my apartment?

If you wish to leave your apartment before the end of your lease, you must send your notice of termination in accordance with the statutory periods (1 month after Suitétudes receives your notice):

  • by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt
  • or hand delivered to the manager of your residence.

You will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your request.

18. How to book my apartment online?

You can book online, it is 100% FREE and with a few clicks you have completed all the steps!

Take the chance to choose the apartment that suits you best (floor, price, orientation) in the property of your choice. No stress, you can change your mind at any time for free *. Best price guaranteed: if there is a special offer on the chosen apartment, it will be systematically proposed. With our online booking service, no more schedule problems or travel expenses. Whether you are organized, thrifty, homebody or abroad, you will enjoy completing all the steps online in a few clicks. You just have to choose the property and apartment that suit you and click on "book". Once you have filled the form, your request is sent. You will receive a very quick response in principle as well as the lease. We promise you to book the apartment you have chosen until we receive the signed contract if the shipping deadlines are met. When you receive the lease you just have to return it with the requested documents (ID, etc…) by mail directly to the property. The property Manager will plan with you the date and time of your arrival!


  • No personal information is disclosed and the data collected will be used only to draft your lease
  • You can change at any time all the information provided by connecting to your dedicated customer space
  • The Suitétudes Team is available at +33(0)4 67 27 16 10 (5 days / 7 from 9am to 7pm) to help you during your booking.

19. Is there a delay to book accommodation?

July and August are the most requested arrival periods. There is no time limit but it is recommended to anticipate your request and to quickly send your application to be in the top.

20. Where is it possible to mention a special request?

For any special request, click here.

21. Can I send the documents by email?

At the time of booking, you can transfer all necessary documents. You can also send documents by e-mail directly to the manager of the property. His (her) email address is on the description page of every residence.

22. Official documents should they be in French?

If you are a foreign student, you do not need to translate your documents. You can submit the originals. This allows you to save the cost of a translation.

23. How do I justify my last rent if I live with my parents?

In this case, you can attach to your application a residential certificate from one of your parents. Do not hesitate to ask us for a standard letter.

24. I do not have any student card yet or any proof of my student status. Can it stop my reservation?

No it will not stop your reservation if you provide the proof as soon you get it.

25. Will a deposit be asked to confirm the reservation?

No deposit is required upon booking. However administration fees have to be paid upon signing the lease.

26. What is the guarantor for?

The guarantor for the rent agrees to pay the rent and expenses of the Suit'er, if he/she is unable to meet his obligations. The guarantor needs to be economically solvent. He needs to have sufficient income to take on this responsibility. It is often expected an average monthly income of 3 times the rent.

27. Should the guarantor for the rent be French, should he live in France or at least be present?

The guarantor for the rent must be a resident in France for tax purposes. If you cannot have this kind of person as a guarantee, you can contact the manager of the concerned property whose details appear on the description page of the property, or the Suitétudes Team to find a solution for your situation.

28. When should the property manager reply to my request?

For any inquiry or any booking, the property manager replies within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays and bank holidays).

29. If my lease begins during the month, is the rent prorated?

The month of your arrival your rent will be prorated based on the number of days of occupancy.

30. Can I keep my accommodation during the summer months?

You can keep your accommodation during the summer months. The rent is the same as during the rest of the year (depending on the property). Keeping your accommodation in the summer allows you to save new application fee and having to make new arrival and departure status reports.

31. I am a Suit'er and I move to continue my studies or to do an internship in another city. Do I have any advantages for booking in another Suitétudes property?

If you are a Suit'er and want to book in another property during an internship, administration fees will be free if there is no breach of contract (subject to availability).

32. When do I pay my rent?

The rent must be paid before the 6th of every month. If the rent is not paid on the 6th, the legal department sends a first free reminder by mail. The second reminder is sent by mail on the 16th of the month and is charged 10€. The formal notice is sent on the 25th of the month by registered mail and is charged 30€.

We thank you in advance for every effort to meet the deadline for the payment of the rent so we do not have to reach extreme solutions that have heavy consequences.

33. In how long is the deposit refunded?

The legal repayment of the deposit is one month after the end date of the one-month notice of the Suit'er (if the departure status report is identical to the arrival status report).

34. Can I get financial grants in the Suitétudes properties?

All our clients are entitled to a personalized housing assistance (APL or ALS). You will find all information about it here.

35. Concerning the maintenance, what is the Suit'ers responsibility and what is the owner’s responsibility?

All routine maintenance repairs are responsibility of Suit'er. Click here to read the 87-712 decree of August 26th, 1987 on maintenance repairs. Please note that all the necessary repairs made caused by an "abnormal" use of the accommodation are also the Suit'er’s responsibility.

The owner pays for major repairs, as well as those due to obsolescence, a construction defect or a force majeure:

  • Re-roofing or waterproofing of the terrace
  • Update of the electrical or plumbing
  • Replacement of the boiler, the water heater, the hot water tank, the flush, the garden gate or garage ... (unserviceable through obsolescence)
  • Replacement of very old wall papers or carpets
  • Repairs related to construction defects.

36. Can I benefit from the Locapass guarantee?

You can get the Locapass allowance. The Locapass advance is an aid that allows you to finance the deposit without interests and without charge; it is a loan that is repayable over a period of 25 months.

37. Who is the recipient of the housing assistance?

The recipient of housing assistance is the Suit'er (or Suitétudes on homes under agreement only).

38. Which documents do I need for housing assistance application?

For your housing assistance application you must provide the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your identity card
  • Proof of your student status
  • Proof of your income or if you do not have any, please got a sworn statement that you have not received income from the previous year.
  • Your bank details if you want to be the recipient of housing assistance.
  • Your beneficiary number if you already have one.

Some tips:

Like many administrative procedures, case processing by the CAF takes time. Suitétudes recommends that you fill the housing assistance application as early as possible to take advantage as soon as possible.

Important! The first month rental is considered as a waiting period: housing allowance is not taken into account and therefore not paid during the first month of entry into the premises. The grant will be paid monthly at the beginning of the following month (the grant for September’s rent will be paid at beginning of October); starting from the first day of the month following the day you fit all the conditions to benefit from the grant. Example: if you move in on September 25th, you will benefit from the grant starting on October 1st (not from September 25th) and it will be paid in the beginning of November. 

39. Are pets allowed in Suitétudes accommodation and on what terms?

Small pets are accepted in Suitétudes properties. A deposit will be requested to cover any possible damage.

40. Can I host friends or family?

Naturally you are free to welcome people outside Suitétudes temporarily. Any visitor staying one or more nights will have to pay a fee equal to 1 / 100th of the reference monthly rent per night occupancy.

41. Being a Suit'er, can my friends and family enjoy special rates on stays in Suitétudes properties?

Any short stay reservation request (less than a month) can be done by sending an email to reservation@suiteasy.com. We will offer special rate upon availability, property and seasonality.

42. Where can I find the rules of my property on site?

The rules are posted in every property. For any further information please contact the property manager.

43. Can I smoke in my room?

All Suitétudes properties are non smoking. For reasons of cleanliness, safety and respect for the neighborhood, Suitétudes invites all Suit'ers to respect the rules. If cleaning or painting works were to be made because of the cigarette, the cost would be charged to the Suit'er.

44. Is there someone at the office during the day?

In every Suitétudes property, the manager is on duty and is also available by appointment. The duty hours are displayed and available in every property.

45. What is "La Carte"?

For over a year Suitétudes has met different shops nearby to make Suit’er’s life easier and make them benefit from discounts (print rooms, restaurants, bars, entertainment) on presentation of the Suitétudes "member" card.

Feel free to share your favorite places to your Suit'manager (restaurants, bars ...) so that they could be registered on "La Carte".