Montpellier, third in the ranking of student city where life is enjoyable*!

Any trouble to find a student accommodation in Montpellier? Discover the 6 modern Suitétudes student properties offering many services and located near major centers of higher education: Citadelle student Property in the popular district of Port Marianne, two steps from the Economic faculty and the ISEM school and a few minutes away from Odysseum shopping center. Les Moulins student properties joined on to Sup de Co (Business school), Résid’Oc I and II student properties are also close to Sup de Co and Jean Monnet high school with its BTS courses (Advanced Technician Certificate). Tropicampus student property is located next to science and literature universities. Arc-en-ciel student property is close to ACFA and Studio M multimedia high schools, and Le Thélème student property located near the historic university centers of Montpellier.
Montpellier, the student city!
The student city is well known for its 13 research centers, 3 universities, 6 high schools and one of the oldest and brightest medicine schools, and welcomes more than 71 000 students every year, representing 25% of its population. With 300 sunny days a year, the students enjoy walking in the historic center or in parks or going to the beach (in 10 minutes by car). They also enjoy the many places like theaters, concerts, bars, shopping centers (Polygone or Odysseum). To discover the city Montpellier students get special rates: subscription of €196  (debit at once) or €29, 12/month for 7 months to enjoy public transport during the whole year.
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