Perpignan, nice and smooth way of life.

You would like to study in an exceptional setting, in the sun, right between beach and mountains? Then discover Les Portes d’Espagne, a beautiful student property, near the sea and 30 minutes away from Spain. Recently built, in perfect harmony with the city and its warm colors, it has a contemporary and colorful architecture. The accommodations are bright and functional. All the schools, the park of sports and universities and all amenities are nearby.
Studying in the heart of a city close to Spain!
A beautiful city center, warm colors, Mediterranean perfumes, markets with thousand of flavors, and the beach 15 minutes away... No doubt, we are in Catalan land and specifically in Perpignan! Ranked 1st concerning international influence and 2nd for environmental concern*, Perpignan offers pleasant living conditions. There are 9169 students divided in 3 faculties, the engineering school, the IUT, the IAE, the IFCT, the CUEF and the CLC. Furthermore the city dedicates a department to the sustainable development (its key domain), and has a real research department. Concerning leisure activities, you will enjoy the restaurants serving regional specialties and tapas, the wine and cocktails bars, pubs and tea shops. You can go to the cinema, play pool, go to the bowling, to the casino, to the theater, to a concert or go to dance the Sardana! And of course Spain is only 30 minutes away by car. The student fares for public transport are €25 a month and €148,50 a year. 
* In the category of average student cities (20 000 to 40 000 students) in the 2015 ranking of cities where life is enjoyable (source