Prepare the budget for your flat

Have you already found or will you find your apartment very soon in a Suitétudes property? In order to move in easily, here are the expenses to plan and financial grants you can benefit from.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Suitétudes Team will always be around to answer any request to help in any procedure. Of course this assistance is free !

What is included in the monthly rent and what extra expenses I have to plan ?

Rent includes :

  • Accommodation
  • Cold-water consumption
  • Internet connection
  • Access to the property facilities (fitness room, sauna…)
  • The lending of appliances (vacuum cleaner, iron, « raclette » stove…)
  • Common room usage (upon reservation)

Rent does not include :

  • Electricity*
  • Administrative fees (1)
  • Deposit (2)
  • Required Multi Risks Housing insurance (3)
  • Council tax (4)
  • Tax for waste collection (5)

What financial grants could you request ?

There are numerous financial grants to help you pay your rent and charges.

How does the « CAF » (family allowances fund) work ?

To estimate the amount of the grant you will receive, please visit

We advise you to quickly collect all the information for your file to ask for a personalized housing assistance given by family allowances fund, because this grant is not retroactive. In order to complete your file, the property manager will provide you with all the requested documents.

The grant will be paid monthly at the beginning of the following month (the grant for September’s rent will be paid at beginning of October), starting from the first day of the month following the day you fit all the conditions to benefit from the grant.

Example: if you move in on September 25th, you will benefit from the grant starting on October 1st (not from September 25th) and it will be paid in the beginning of November.  

No grant is paid for the last month of occupancy, except if you stay the whole month. Keep that in mind for your notice-period request (a Suitetudes team member will remind you of it at the moment of your request).

Example: If the last day of occupancy on the contract is June 30th, your grant will be fully paid, but it will not be paid if the day on the contract is June 25th.

Be careful, the grant will automatically be suspended on July 1st, except if you inform the CAF office that you will keep you accommodation beyond that date (again A Suitétudes team member will be there to remind you of it).

LOCAPASS, how does it work ?

You can also benefit from the Locapass grant. Locapass is a grant that helps you to pay your deposit. It is a loan without any fee nor interest, which you have to pay back within a period of 25 months maximum.

For any further information or suggestion on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy moving in !

* In most of our properties (except Beaumarchais, Chat Perché, Le Major, Le Belvédère, Nevers, Parc Avenue, République, Résidoc I and Tropicampus), the electricity is not included in the service charges. You have to sign a contract online or call EDF (Electricity supplier) a few days before your arrival (your bank details will be required). The monthly amount of your bill will depend on your contract.
(1) The administrative fees include the visit of the apartment and all the administrative actions (file, edition of the lease, and entry inventory. There are paid once when the lease is signed.
(2) The deposit is a bit less than a monthly’s rent and could be given back in total at moving out (within a legal delay of one month after the departure) if no damage has been noticed.
(3) A multi risks housing insurance is required. You have the right to choose any certified insurance. We propose an exclusive offer dedicated to Suitétudes customers with a good quality/price ratio through our partnership with SwissLife Levy Cabinet.
(4) The amount of the Council tax depends on the city. It is requested (in November) by the tax office and is due for any occupancy in the accommodation as of January, 1st (even if you have moved out in the mean time.) For any further information click here.

(5) The Tax for waste collection is requested in January and the amount is calculated according to the real occupancy of the apartment during the previous civil year.